How we work with you

We work with you to: Define your goals. Understand your brand assets. Review your capabilities. We then provide a simple plan for you and your team to execute across the relevant social platforms.

We also provide in-depth consultation and brand analysis, combined with competitive review, helping you to define your goals and expectations. Then we deliver a comprehensive plan containing tools, tactics, and a creative “starter kit” with sample content for every social media platform you need.
To help you achieve specific short-term marketing goals, we develop fully customized social campaigns to surround your brand, build buzz, and inspire action. Promotions can be tied to: Sales. Events and conferences. Product launches. Store or restaurant openings. TV Shows. Live tweeting events with our team of influencers. Movie openings. Book publications. Special magazine issues. And more.
Integrated CAMPAIGNS
We work with you to develop a campaign that includes creative design and copy maximized for sharability, as well as an engagement strategy across the right mix of social media. We then activate and manage the campaign, tracking all results, monitoring engagement, and making sure all interactions are handled in accordance with your brand’s voice and the campaign’s goals.
We supply full content creation across one or more social media platforms, including copy, design, and video production as required. Ours is a fully consultative approach that can be enhanced where appropriate by contributions from you and your team. Our unique content and social media management service will help you gain fans and followers, build awareness, increase social sharing and achieve key performance metrics.

What we offer



Behind every great brand is a compelling story that connects with its audience on credibility, emotion, and value. At Levity, we not only help you determine a brand communication strategy that will help guide your storytelling, but also help you discover the most effective social platforms to tell your message.
Keeping up with the Joneses on Social Media can be a daunting task. The competitive landscape is shifting at a consistently faster rate, and consumer behavior continues to evolve at an equally fast rate. It’s our job to keep on top of it all. We have the tools and perspective to help you navigate these ever shifting waters.



We specialize in optimizing website content for better search engine results. This includes keyword analysis, blog posts, and keyword placement throughout site and meta data. We also help with link building and integrating social media assets into SEO. It’s important to blend paid search with organic search. We help determine the best keywords and platforms to buy advertising. Develop a budget and a strategy to help make your overall search marketing efforts a success.
Web development
At Levity, we build responsive websites to make sure our clients are reaching their target audience through computers as well as mobile devices. We have a great team of designers, copywriters, and techies at your disposal. We can tweak or overhaul your current site, giving you a whole new look while improving SEO and social media integration.



It’s no secret that social platforms have exponentially amplified consumers’ ability to absorb, shape, and share messages around brands. We will help build your online social presence, target and develop the audience you seek. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, product-based or service-based, we customize a strategic mix of social platforms to reach your target market.
Effective content marketing is: Relevant. Relatable. Riveting. And… Shareable! We customize content that elicits audience response, resulting in positive and sustainable engagement around your brand across target channels. By conveying passion and authenticity on a consistent basis, you will find yourself rewarded with lasting customer loyalty.

Digital PR

We can get you the coverage you seek and ignite an online conversation about your product or service. Whether it’s a product launch, brand face lift, or you’re looking to break into the social marketplace, we can help. Digital PR combines traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search: transforming static news into conversations that directly engage your target audience.
Levity helps you reach influencers and engage the community in your market segment. While press releases may work with traditional online media, engagement is the way to spark the interest of today’s online influencers. Engagement requires compelling content that speaks directly to an influencer’s community of interest.